I'm Jonathan "Jay" Estrella

I'm a software developer who uses programming as a tool to solve real problems.
I like thinking about interesting problems, taking apart programs, and cooking.

I've interned at the Manulife RED Lab prototyping unique solutions for problems faced in the financial industry
and at WatrHub creating scalable tools to collect and process documents from thousands of municipality websites.

I'm currently searching for a full time role starting April 2018
Email: jjestrel@edu.uwaterloo.ca

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A tool to create affordable personalized meal plans


Rally-X   Bot

Attempt at reverse engineering Namco's Rally-X Game


S&P 500 Simulator

Simulating leveraged stock trading



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What Do People Say?

Jay is very driven, self-motivated and understands the demands of a startup environment. We relied on Jay to overhaul our data infrastructure, and create a more robust architecture and he was able to deliver in a very impressive manner.

- Sunit Mohindroo, Chief Product Officer at WatrHub

Jay is a technically talented individual with a impressively wide breadth of knowledge. He was instrumental in supporting his teammates in achieving their goals and excelled on his own as well. His skills and level-headed and well-informed perspective would be an asset to any team.

- Ali Tariq, Solutions Prototype Lead at Manulife RED Lab

Jay is an extremely intelligent, hardworking developer that knows what it takes to build production level software with proper design. He has the strange ability to maintain great practices and write scalable code. When you find someone who searches for innovative solutions and goes all the way home to implement it at the end of the day, you know that he's going to be a hit in the industry. I am definitely going to come to him next time I want to build another production level enterprise application in the future.

- Andrew Andrade, Co-founder at PetroPredict

Jay is a capable programmer who can work well in groups or on his own to deliver production-ready code. He makes himself available as deadlines close in and he is very easy to work with.

- Daniel Bernhard, Principal at db 3rd Sector Consultancy